Oakfield Blueprint

For some years, the UK has been missing its target of building the 300,000 plus homes a year needed to meet demand. In addition, with a need for houses to be built so quickly, there are concerns over the quality of homes that are being built and whether enough is being done to address areas such as sustainability and community spirit. 

At Oakfield we’re creating quality, sustainable homes with a focus on community to demonstrate how housing can be done differently.

And we’re sharing what we learn along the way to encourage other organisations to join the conversation and kickstart a movement in housebuilding for the 2020s. 

In the resources section below you’ll find:

• An introduction to our thoughtful approach to housing – where you can find out about our aspirations, why our heritage as brought us to this project and of course more on how we hope you and others will get involved

• Our thoughtful approach to community involvement – we’ve taken an innovative approach to genuinely involving the communities close to the new neighbourhood by employing a community organiser. Find out more in the document about the value that’s create and how you can learn from our experiences 

• We’ll be adding more content over time – if there’s a particularly area you’re interested in please get in touch oakfield@nationwide.co.uk