Right now, it’s more important than ever to help people reduce their energy bills and, at Oakfield, we’ve incorporated features into our homes to do just that. So, what makes your new home more efficient?

EPC A rating

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Every Oakfield home will have an EPC A rating, so you’ll know your house achieves the highest efficiency rating possible.

Photovoltaic solar panels

All of Oakfield’s homes are fitted with solar panels to capture sunlight and generate renewable electricity. Creating your own energy means your home will be less reliant on electricity coming from the grid and your energy bills will be lower.

Air source heat pumps

Oakfield is an off-gas neighbourhood, which means all of our homes are heated by air source heat pumps instead of gas boilers. Air source heat pumps are a high-efficiency system that extract heat from the ambient environment to heat your home and hot water. 

Water saving

In your garden, you’ll find a water butt. Water is a valuable resource and saving rainwater is a great way to cut back on the amount you use your mains tap for things like cleaning your car and watering your plants!