Your neighbourhood

Oakfield isn’t just a housing development. It’s a community. From the very beginning, local residents let us know what kind of houses and facilities they’d like to see. And with their help, we’ve created a neighbourhood that truly brings people together.

Parkland and playground

With almost two acres of new public park, Oakfield is part of Swindon’s green corridor, linking the community forest to Buckhurst Park. You’ll find flowers, hedgerows and trees, plus species from the ‘RHS Perfect for Pollinators Plant List’. 

There’s also a natural-themed play area designed with advice from local school children, including swings, a climbing frame, a slide and stepping stones.

Space to enjoy yourself

South of the play area, there’s a terraced amphitheatre which will be a flexible space that can be used for all kinds of community events and informal sports. 

For when you’re feeling active there is also some outdoor gym equipment and a fitness trail. And we’ve also improved the walking and cycling pathways that will connect you to local shops and neighbourhoods.  

Community space

Within the Forest View building, you’ll find a space to do things together as a community. You could share a pot of tea with your neighbours, hold a children’s party, host a book club or teach a yoga class, we want the whole community to benefit from this space.  

As Oakfield’s residents’ association develops they’ll be using the space to host community events and as a resident or neighbour to Oakfield you’ll also be able to hire the space.  

Shared gardens

You can choose between a traditional private garden, or a smaller private garden with access to a shared garden where you can sit, read or have a chat with your neighbours and of course for children to spend time together. 

You can also do a bit of planting in the veg patch and flowerbeds, which we hope will be a way to share a passion for all things outdoors with your neighbours.  

Surrounded by trees

We’ve worked with Vaillant, who provided Oakfield’s air source heat pumps, to create a ‘Tiny Forest’ in the area. It will be a dense, fast-growing woodland, no bigger than a tennis court, that provides a beautiful place to walk and a home for local wildlife. Local residents can even become ‘citizen scientists’, helping to monitor carbon capture.

You can find out more about Tiny Forests here

Join a local community group

No matter how old you are or what you’re interested in, there’s something for you to join in on. Bring out your inner gardener with a patch on the neighbouring Nythe allotments (there’s a short waiting list), join the local performing arts group, take up rugby or watch as your children make new friends at the various clubs in the area. And if you don’t see something you fancy, we’ll work with you to create new groups for your community.