Mi-space is part of the Midas Group that runs a ‘Launch’ training programme for people starting their careers, to help them develop not only the necessary skills within construction, but also transferrable skills. This helps tackle construction skills shortages, which the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors say is at its highest point since 2007.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship?

Ollie: I noticed Midas’ commitment to trainees, by providing them with lots of development opportunities, was very attractive compared to other companies. They give you a sense that they would look after you in the future.

Brandon: I agree. They focus on training people up on their ‘Launch’ trainee programme for you to stay long-term.

What is your day-to-day life like as an apprentice and what skills have you developed?

Brandon: Being an apprentice is fun. We have a close-knit team on site – even with the social distancing! There doesn’t feel like a hierarchy as everyone is so approachable and we can ask as many questions as we need to. I’m a visual learner so find it’s much easier to see the work being done in front of me. We learn as we go but also have a laugh along the way. I got stuck in the mud yesterday which was hilarious!

How will your apprenticeship have benefitted you in the future?

Ollie: By doing the degree-apprenticeship I will be able to move up in terms of job role, but also focus on my personal development.

Brandon: You get a good sense of achievement when you work up through the job levels. I could work up to a site manager or a project manager.

What’s been your best day or moment since starting?

Ollie: Everyday!

Brandon: I love the sense of achievement which I get every day.

What recommendations would you give to someone looking at applying for an apprenticeship?

Brandon: Go for it! I was nervous at first as I felt that I didn’t have the best grades, but I have worked on them to get the grades I needed to keep it all going.

Ollie: If you’re considering doing these courses at college – you get paid for doing an apprenticeship and get hands on experience. It’s a win-win.