With the UK construction industry facing a shortage of labour over the coming years, teaching young people about the rewarding and interesting roles that the construction industry can offer is more important than ever.

Over the last few months, Mi-space has delivered talks to local schools and colleges, teaching them about the wide variety of jobs on offer in the industry, the skills they will expect to learn and what a typical day looks like on a project like Oakfield. 

As a result of these visits, Mi-space are currently hosting two placements to T-Level students on site, with two more in September. A T-Level is a two-year qualification recently launched by the UK Government that provides the equivalent to three A-Levels. Created in collaboration with businesses in the industry, students spend 80% of the course in a classroom and 20% on site, learning about the skills employers need people to have and how they can kickstart a career in their chosen industry. These qualifications are different to apprenticeships, but each brings its own benefits.

Apprenticeships provide, amongst other things, hands-on training and the chance to put skills into practice whilst being paid. T-Levels are worth UCAS points for those looking to study at University and provide the chance to learn about what a real career is like, working to a course that has been created with businesses in the sector. Both provide nationally recognised qualifications and give people the chance to learn new skills and meet new people.