Oakfield - Building with Nature

Striving to put nature at the heart of developments, Building with Nature is a company born of a collaboration between the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the University of the West of England. It champions best practice in the housing industry, raising the bar when it comes to building new homes in a way that’s good for people, and for wildlife and nature. It uses a set of Standards co-developed with local authorities, private sector developers and communities, based on evidence and good-practice to provide developers guidance on delivering high-quality, green infrastructure in the new communities they build.

And Oakfield is doing just that! It’s not just the abundance of trees, hedgerows, shrubs and green spaces Oakfield will have that meets these standards, it goes further than that. It’s the thought that our specialist landscape designers, LUC and Landmark Practice , have given to cycle and footpaths through the development that make it easier for people to access these green spaces. The approach we’ve taken to water management with swales to enable rainwater to pool and drain slowly, helping an array of local wildlife. The positioning of the community’s park, linking it up to green spaces outside of the development and creating green corridors for local wildlife…to name but a few of the ways we’re building with nature.

“This is a great achievement for all involved and a credit to what is an excellent scheme for people and wildlife. It is great to see Green Infrastructure and the many benefits it brings being considered from the outset of a project and woven into the site in a considered and meaningful manner” 

James Sleigh, Senior Landscape Architect at Landmark Practice and Building with Nature Assessor.

“As Nationwide’s development manager for Oakfield, Igloo has applied its industry leading Footprint process to the design and delivery of the project. One of the things Footprint does is to set industry recognised standards for projects, across various themes, as the base line for project design and quality – and then we push even further on top of that. We have introduced the requirement for Building with Nature accreditation to all our schemes in the UK in recognition of its credibility as both a design tool and industry benchmark for quality. Whether the people who one day live at Oakfield, or just visit, are aware of this accreditation or not, they will feel its effect everywhere around them in the beauty of the landscape and public spaces. And that’s the main aim.” 

John Long, Joint CEO, Igloo Regeneration, Development Partner of Oakfield.