Meet the team

Nationwide Building Society

Bringing people together to build better quality homes was the starting point of what became the modern building society. And making sure everyone has a place fit to call home is still Nationwide Building Society’s mission today. And that’s why, with their member's backing, they had the idea to design and fund a not-for-profit development of quality, sustainable homes with a focus on community. 

Nationwide has been involved from the outset to form the project and worked with Swindon Borough Council to identify the land. The team also trialled an innovative approach to the planning consultation, hiring a community organiser, Keith Brown to knock on doors locally and involve residents in the design.

As people begin to move in next year, Nationwide will be looking at what they can do to help the community in the new neighbourhood and surrounding areas come together to support each other.   

Meet the

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Igloo - development manager

Igloo is the UK’s leading responsible property developer, focussed on creating positive social and environmental impact – for people, place and planet. They've been part of the team for more than three years, guiding the development process. 

John Long, Kate Marfleet and Robert Knight are part of the project team and have been using their experience of community focussed, sustainable housing schemes to bring to life the ideas behind Oakfield. 

Guided by their pioneering footprint® sustainability principles, they've been delivering transformational regeneration and development projects across the UK for nearly two decades.  

Here's another project they worked on; The Malings in Newcastle which won a Housing Design Award.

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Mi-space - construction partner

Mi-space, part of the Midas Group are the construction partner for the scheme. The team at Mi-space are responsible for all of the building works and started on site in April 2020. 

With a history of working on projects to create new communities that work well now and in the future, they’ll be working with us to build a quality, sustainable development that will serve the community and the local area for years to come.  

The project will create local jobs and opportunities for work experience and apprenticeships, as well as working with local and regional suppliers.

Mi-space will be working on site over the next couple of years and are excited about supporting the local community. Rob Bennett, project director, Dave the site manager and Alex, project manager along with the rest of the team are focussed on health & safety and the highest quality standards.

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GreenSquareAccord - affordable housing partner

GreenSquareAccord will be working with us as our affordable housing partner. The team is passionate about being a brilliant landlord and providing homes for those who can't afford to meet their housing needs in the open market.

71 Oakfield homes will be available through affordable rent and shared ownership, so more single people, couples and families in Swindon will be able to live in a home they can afford.

We’re working with GreenSquareAccord's development team to create the very best quality, affordable homes, with a focus on older and younger people living side by side. Together we're working on ways to bring the community together, including things like shared gardens and a community room.

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Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough Council has set a priority to improve infrastructure and housing to support a growing, low-carbon economy. One of the ways they’re doing that is by working with us to rejuvenate the former Oakfield campus, a brownfield site that has been empty for a number of years.  

The Council was particularly pleased to work on the scheme with Nationwide, as one of Swindon’s major employers. They said “The tens of millions of pounds invested by Nationwide in the Oakfield development will bring huge benefits to the local area in the form of high quality housing and excellent facilities for community use”  

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